Ram Setu director Abhishek Sharma at IFFI-Harlamha News

High Video curated a consultation with Ram Setu creators, on Improving Storytelling thru Era, at the Movie Bazaar Pavilion at the continued 53rd version of Global Movie Pageant of India (IFFI), on Wednesday.

Highlighting the ability that next-generation era can wield in trendy filmmaking, the 30-minute consultation kicked off with a gap cope with via Gaurav Gandhi, Vice President, High Video India. It was once adopted via a dialogue via Ram Setu manufacturer Vikram Malhotra of Abundantia Leisure and director Abhishek Sharma. Provide at the consultation Naveen Paul, co-founder and inventive head NY VFXWAALA and Parthsarathi Sethuraman Iyer, ingenious director Surprise & Awe Movies, additional deep dived into the improvement and execution of the movie’s visible results.

Speaking about weaving era in storytelling, Gaurav Gandhi stated “Indian cinema today, weaves in technology intricately at every step of filmmaking– from production to distribution and consumption. At Prime Video, we feel honoured to play an important role at each of these stages. Utilizing emerging technologies in filmmaking allows us to create immersive stories.”

Vikram, co-producer of Ram Setu, shared, “Technology does not only open the doors in providing spectacle entertainment, but also allows filmmakers the power to think bigger, and be different. All stories start with imagination. Indian storytellers now have access to technology and can imagine stories on a bigger scale. We should now be able to deliver dollar experiences in rupee.”

Including his perspectives on how VFX performed a pivotal position in taking the narrative forward, Abhishek Sharma stated, “We are now increasingly using VFX for environmental creation. It’s no longer just about visual effects. Instead, it’s about world creation. Rather than just being a gimmick, VFX now is the soul of world creation. There’s so much potential in not just creating fantasy but also real looking worlds.”

Ram Setu launched in theatres on October 25.

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